Who is beque?

Best Korean restaurant in San Jose, Beque Korean Grill restaurant in a new plaza off El Camino in Santa Clara’s K-town. We were grand opening 2007 full weekend of March. Very sleek and upscale place that provides quick and friendly servers. Welcome to ask us if anything else is needed so often that you feel bad but not uncomfortable. The tables are granite, the bathrooms have modern kohler sinks, the gas grills have downward sucking vacuums, side dishes come out on long dishes, and rice is served by the potful. The food was surprisingly good! The prices are not bad for a BBQ place and the servings were not stingy. We hope our quality of service and food stays consistent – something most new Korean restaurants fail to achieve over the course of a year after opening. Beque Korean Grill is a very clean and upscale Korean restaurant, which reminds me of places in LA or Seoul. Refreshing after going to BBQ places that seem old fashioned and country in the area. Service is a noticeable plus.

Whats good in beque?

You may try the Kalbi BBQ, yangshim beef, chadolbaegi, and black pig samgyupsal – all are very good and portions plentiful. The side dishes come out in little pinches on these long plates but are also very good and refilled frequently by the servers when seen empty. Shikhae is served as complimentary dessert.

Smokeless BBQ Grill

A cool thing about our place is their ventilation system. Yeah It sounds weird to compliment a restaurant on their ventilation system, but its true. Most Korean BBQ houses use an overhead ventilation system, which is fine and dandy, but by the end of the dinner you come out smelling like BBQ. The smell is in your hair on your clothes everywhere. Here they use an under table ventilation, so less of the smell get on you. (which is good if your on a date or something).



Call for reservation for lunch or dinner. You’ll enjoy a memorable dining experience at BeQue Korean Grill.

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